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I just got an email regarding my alleged account. I have no account with them. Did not order anything. When i tred to respond, received a message back saying the message was undeliverable to that address.

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You can be a member for 20 years like I have, and they just care nothing about you. First they offered 30% off if you ordered three books. AFTER I made the order, they emailed me that the third, qualifying book was no longer available. (So why was it on the web site?) So I emailed customer service, a joke of a department name, and told them that I wanted to cancel the order. This was just a couple of hours after I made the order. They answered... Read more

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I just got a call from a collection company about this company, they claim books have been shipped to my address, what a *** scam....This is what you get with religious ***. I am an atheist. How does a company like this exits. Who the *** is clearing merchant services for this company. *** *** idiots, suck my ***, you scamming spirits. No doubt, this company pays internet thieves to capture new accounts and when the payments are made and jig is... Read more

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This is a scam!! They will charge you without any notice or contact. The only way you will know that you have been charged is when the debt collector contacts you. Don't trust online book clubs. Your better off going to Amazon, a local store or local library.

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The phone lines are completely useless and are long distance. If you wait for someone to answer (and nobody ever does) you rack up long distance fees or use minutes on your cell. You have to return the order form by a certain date and if you don't, you get the books anyway. Last month, I got their packet on the 18th, and it was due back on the 20th! Then I get the *** book that I didn't want and the following week got another copy of it! Of... Read more

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I have had a good experience with them. If you ask, they will take you off the list to get automatic shipments. Then, just order when you wish. My life is organized through using their Book of Days. I love the quotes in them, and have kept them all to have a record of each year.

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They did the same to me, charged me for books I didn't want, then when requesting a mailing label they sent it to my email in witch I don't have a printer, 3 months later I'm going round and round telling them I need it mailed to me and they keep sending it to my email.

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Sent me book of the month even though I declined them. Charged my credit card over$50. Was told u may have to pay for shipping and processing and it takes 4-6 week to credit it back but it took them 5 seconds to take it out !!! Do not join, I have one more book and I am do !!!! Scam!!!!

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I tried ordering a couple of books in November, it is now February, and I still haven't gotten my books. It started when my shipping zip code got entered wrong and the books got returned to them. I messaged the company to let them know the error, they said it would be fixed and my order would be re-shipped, but it just sat on my account saying "pending". After a month and being busy with the holidays, I finally called them over the phone. My... Read more

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