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I have only myself to blame for falling for this scam. I haven't been a member for a month and already have a $35 charge for an overdraft caused by a failure to decline materials Spirit One sent that I haven't even received yet priced at $41.47.

I have never paid more that $26 for one book anywhere. I don't know if it helps, but I'm contacting the Postmaster General. I am so upset. I did call and was told that the $41.47 would be refunded, but that didn't stop the overdraft.

I only wish I had researched this club before joining. And I recommended it to others.

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My experience is different. I have been a member of One Spirit for years.

I have had nothing but good luck. There selections each month has brought many books into my life that I would not otherwise know about. Sometimes I purchase from them and sometimes I find a less expensive source. When a book has arrived because I did not decline it soon enough and I do not wish to purchase it, I simply pay the money to return it.

It was my falut because I did not decline it in the proper time. The post office no longer will return items that are not opened.

It is a small price to pay for my error. The company has always been gracious to accept my returns and cancel the amount I owe.

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