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Even though I was billed twice for the same books, I paid the $48.95 twice to make them go away. I was unbelievably harassed that's why I paid it twice; to make them go away.

Even after paying it twice, they continued to harass me until I sent proof of both payments. That was two years ago.

I received a bill today for the same amount from a collections company informing me if I didn't pay within 35 days it would be reported to a collections agency. If they think I'm going to pay it again they're crazy.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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That is not fair! Send your proof to your local BBB.

It is an unscrupulous business practice not to refund a customer when they have proof they paid twice. Then if that does not work, report them to the Federal Trade Commission! You will get results. Good Luck!

Be a thorn in their side and they will stop the harrassment! Trust me ;)


I regret ever getting involved with these thieves! I too have been harassed by One Spirit and their collection company.

I too paid paid twice for the same book just to get them off my back. They have been harassing me for SIX years.

I keep telling them I refuse to pay again. They can call me until the end of time, they will not get another cent out of me.

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