Avoid this company, at all costs. In less than six weeks, they have already billed almost 3 weeks early, for a shipment that is not due for a reply for 16 more days.

This caused an overdraft since I was not expecting to have the charge (I do not use this account very often, so I only keep amounts necessary for online shopping). I have already requested a cancellation, but according to others on this site, the company does not honor cancellations. I am looking at legal options, at this point, if not honored.

Despite a long web search for a contact phone number, none is listed. Very dissatisfied with their service options.

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the phone number to one spirit is 717-918-2665

but don't think you will get any help there, they give you the run around and are constantly back peddling their statements, and further making you the issue, even when it is their mistake they expect you to be the one to fix it and they are faultless, even though they admit they were the ones who screwed up in the first place.


i have been a member of one spirit for a while and only recently did i have any issues with them, when they changed their website they changed themselves and are charging me now for a promotional "gift they gave me three months ago. a fee of $11.84 was waved on my invoice and now they are saying i owe this to them, and they refuse to reply and when they happen to, they want to point the blame at me... oh no!


I was wondering why I couldn't find a phone number for this book club. I have sent email after email and I still have no account number or information on a past balance or how to send back material I am not interested in.


I signed up, ordered my first batch of books and sent payment. I received an additional book that I will never read and have absolutely no interest in.

I have been unable to contact them by phone or website. I just found out my paypal acct.

was tapped for an additional $35+ charge. I'm pissed!!!!


This company will also check your checking account to check your balance. Then they send you an email telling you yuor balance and asks if you want to pay you bill.

One Spirit received my payment check the same day the email went out.

I canceled my account.This compay is bad news.

QPC is the same company. Beware!!!


I have been dealing with this company for years and have no problem with them whatsoever....I have been completely happy with them...never a problem or hassle of any kind.


I have a current phone number for them as of April 12, 2010


to Theresa Los Angeles, California, United States #770521

As of 1-2014, 1-888-954-2665 or also 716-250-5700 option #9 for a live person.


I would not recomend this club to anyone. I ordered 2 books via phone, intending to pay with my debit card. After electronically confirming my order, I got a message that my credit card would be billed!

This was concerning because I do not have a credit card on file. I immediately talked to a live person who said it was too late to stop the order. I talked to a supervisor who first said they got my credit card from Quality Paperbook (also not authorized to have my credit card information. After informing her that was illegal, she told me I authorized my credit card when I enrolled using the web site. I have never used Spirit One website.

I am seriously concerned about having any company having my credit information that has liars on staff.

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